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About Private Sessions

Private Lessons

for 1 or 2 persons


$100 per hour

$375 for 4 lessons

$700 for 8 lessons


Call for longer-term or larger commitments of private lessons for projects including:

music artist development, integrated arts projects, or other specific goals.


Private lessons match you with your level, genre, goals, personality and in your timeframe to help you get to your next level. Chose over 70 styles of movement with founder, Blackbird herself, or her Blackbird Certified Instructors.


Weddings? Love it! Bring your song, or we can help choose your song, style, and special moments that reflect your special day. Ballroom and Latin Dances are a cinch and actually fun with Blackbird's teaching methods. Expect about 4 to 6 lessons for each 4-minute song choreo.


1. Use the online booking system to schedule and pay (use within 3 months, no refunds).

2. Or contact via email or text to schedule a convenient time slot for you and authorize payment via email or phone.


Flexible scheduling

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