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all stars dance


The Blackbird All-Stars Kids Dance & Circus team was established in 2015 with a handful of dedicated students who were quickly gaining technique and shared the joy of wanting to perform many different styles within one show. These students are asked to attend weekly classes and rehearsals in order to be ready for seasonal performances and community events. There is less of a focus on the competition scene, yet those who are interested can compete within the season with solos, duos, and trios. Fees are kept at a reasonable rate and donations to the non-profit help with costuming, guest teacher choreography, and All-Star gear. 

Auditions in September. Check back on this page for detailed date.

Minis ages 4-7yrs

Jrs & Srs ages 8-15yrs

“In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our souls soar.”

 - Black Rock- Native American

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