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International Certification in Dance or Integrated Arts - In Person or Virtual Private Online Lesson Series. Special Studies designed for your specific artistic goals and needs.


Take yourself to the next level in your learning, arts profession, or passion for community projects. Pace yourself according to your budget, time commitment and level. Some work-study available in various fields that relate to Arts Industries and Arts Administration.


Click the one page application to get started. Reach your goals this year with Blackbird! Chose many styles of Dance, Movement, Circus Arts, Choreography and Arts Admin.



10, 20, 40 and 80 hour intensives to bank hours toward certificate

1 year program to study specific disciplines and culminating project (150 hrs)

2 year program best for teacher certificate and Master level thesis (300 hrs with previous dance training, performance or teaching experience)

Also looking for seasonal interns and can receive credits within programs of high school, or colleges with professional-level admin and teacher training, see careers page


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